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The youngest Wayne son opened up a small hidden drawer on the entertainment center. He smiled to himself when he picked up what was inside. Damian kicked off his shoes and was only left with his socks. On his right hand was a white glove with faux diamond studs on it. The song started playing and Damian started dancing. A bloody crowbar lay near her. “Y/N!”. Damian called to her. “Dick, get help, she’s here!”. Y/N raised her head slightly, clearly exhausted by the effort. Damian ran to her, untying her bindings. When he pulled the gag out of her mouth, she coughed. “Robin” she. “It’s going to be great, I’m smuggling in candy.” Reaching forwards, you tried to take Damian’s arm, but he jerked away. “Let go of me,” he said sharply. You frowned, letting your hand drop back to your side. “Damian, I told you not to snap like that.” Turning back to you, Damian took your hand with a small, tight smile. DCU Red Robin | Damian Wayne Bruce Wayne Tim Drake | Adventure Fanfiction Romance Robin Batman Nightwing Jason Todd Red Hood Bat Family. After a young girls mother was killed, Bruce Wayne (aka Batman) decides to take her in because of who her father is. She's quiet, gentle, and small. Everything opposite of what her father intended her to be. (Damian Wayne x reader) "Beloved. It has been six months. You are beginning to show." Damian says softly. You have your shirt lifted as you admire the small baby bump in the large mirror of Damian's room and smile nervously. "I know and I'm so excited for this but I'm scared. Talia asks Damian, a smirk on her face. " We eliminate them, mother.". He knowingly answers. " What happens to the weak?". She asks diabolically. " They get thrown to the dogs.". He answers, drawing his sword. " You know what to do, son.". Talia says simply, exiting the room, leaving you two alone together. "It's a way to express my non-existent feelings," Damian shrugged in a poor attempt to make a joke. To his surprise, you let out a giggle. "Was that supposed to be a joke?" "Perhaps.". The sight scared him and it takes a lot to get Damian to admit he is scared. The moment you drop to the ground, lifeless and bleeding profusely, had him shaking with rage and fear. Seeing you so pale and unmoving on the bed really shook Damian down to the core. "why are you doing this" damian screamed in my face and i can't blame him i did the one thing i said could never happen his worst fear that i would never hurt him "because this isn't working anymore and it hasnt for a while" "this cant be it" he tells me in tears "it is damian were over so please leave i'll drop of your stuff at the manor" damian. Rynne311 - Protector to the Heir. Protector to the Heir. Request: Could you do a batsis where she is the twin of Damian that was taken away by her grandfather because Damian was seen as superior (he was born first) she was still trained just like Damian but ra's treated her as lesser. none of the batfam or Talia knows about her until she. Characters: Damian Wayne (Robin), Reader (You). Requested by: Anonymous. Synopsis: Prompts. 19 "I thought you were supposed to be a tough guy", 24 "why are you staring at me like that?" With Damian Wayne. ... "All of your sophisticated and formal language has disappeared. You're scared.". hhhellish. P. 2 / ?? Social Media AU, in which Damian and his "bestfriend" Y/N make their friendship more public and the BatFam gets all up in their business. Damian wayne jason peter todd jason todd Dick grayson tim drake timothy drake richard grayson Damian al ghul bruce wayne cassandra cain cass cain barbara gordon stephanie brown steph. Damian Wayne x Fem!Reader. Requested: No. Warnings: Swearing. There is one F-Bomb. Angst, mentions of blood, mentions of killing. Basically, like a weak M-Rated movie. Other: Reader is 16. Damian is 17-ish. I tried my best to make your ‘parents’ names as unique as possible. But if you know anyone with that name, just change it in your head. Search: Damian Wayne Traumatized Fanfiction. He is beauty, he is grace (Source: damianwaynessketchbook-blog, via no-oh-no) Challenge of the Super Sons gives insight into the comedic adventures of Jon Kent and Damian Wayne when they were younger Here you will find a list of them and examples that go with each one He is also severely traumatized, and blames. Damian asks, concerned by your ghost white complexion and obvious horror in your eyes. "I- I found these today at work and after when I got in the car," you show the men the cards. They both share a knowing look. "I'll look into it," Bruce assures, taking the cards and heading to the cave.

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